Brandon R | New Delhi, India | Week 3

A blog about my 3rd week in India.

2015 LSA International Internship Blog

IMG_8791 A panoramic view from the Mughal Gardens at Parimahal.

A meal in Connaught Place. A meal in Connaught Place.

My third week in Delhi has been great! It’s been particularly nice compared to my first two weeks because I am finally healthy and have a laptop charger that works. I’ve really started to connect with the people who work at my hostel (Suresh, Neha, and Smita) and I definitely consider them my friends. I’m still getting used to the food, partially due to the spices but also because it’s so much different than the food I normally eat in the United States. Another really interesting thing about Delhi is the driving. They have very non-stringent rules, the lanes don’t mean much, and people honk to let you know that they’re there. I’m honestly quite enjoying it, mostly because you typically don’t travel much faster than 60 km/h (~35 mph.)

IMG_8196 Posing with girls from the Kindergarten class during…

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