Culture Shock | Q8 | P3

Summer Vocation

My trip to India is the first time I’ve experienced culture shock on a large scale. My only other international travel was to the U.K. and then shortly to Paris, where I did experience some mild cases, but all-in-all the culture shock wasn’t much of a factor.

IMG_7197 A market road in Delhi.

The best way I’ve been able to explain Delhi to family and friends that have asked about it is overwhelming. I do not mean this negatively, in fact it’s turned into one of my favorite things about India. Everything from the driving to the sheer volume of people to the colors to the food to the spices to the language to the amount of things to see: overwhelming. To be honest, this all came crashing down on me when I first arrived here. I had been trying to keep in mind that I wouldn’t be able to fully prepare…

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