Brandon R | New Delhi, India | Week 7

2015 LSA International Internship Blog

I’ve finished my second to last week in Delhi! I can’t believe I’ve already been here for nearly two months — time really does move differently here.

Some students play during break on my most recent trip to Anupshahr. Some students play during break on my most recent trip to Anupshahr.

I continued my work at the PPES Delhi office throughout the week. I worked on some things including some documentation for administrators at the school, posting to social media, and some spreadsheet work regarding donor lists. One of my favorite things I did through the week was learn the success story of one of the girls at PPES. She grew up in Anupshahr, one of the poorest areas of the world, and she had many family problems that were large obstacles in her own life. At one point her family needed to repay a loan and almost had to marry off one of her sisters to pay the debt, but with the…

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Solidifying Plans | Q10 | P5

Summer Vocation

My experience in India has certainly been an enlightening one. I’ve learned quite a bit about myself and about a culture very different than my own. I would say that it is (mostly) solidified my relatively near future plans. IMG_1468 My near future plans include finishing my degree and graduating in December. Throughout the fall I’ll be searching for a job that I can hopefully begin shortly after I graduate. I planned to search for a job in international development and this internship has confirmed that plan. I’ve really learned about the wonderful things that relatively focused, grassroots level, NGOs can do in a certain area. They (the NGO) not only knows the area, but also often has local leadership. These things are extremely important as it is usually very difficult to affect a change in an area without experience and knowledge of the area. IMG_9911Prior to this summer, I had this desire to…

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Brandon R | New Delhi, India | Week 6

2015 LSA International Internship Blog

I have now been in India for a month and a half. With only two weeks remaining until I leave, I’m feeling sad. Not that I’m not excited to be back in Michigan, see my family and friends, and eat Chipotle; but I’ve really become fond of my life in India.

It was a great week at PPES as we nearly finalized a few projects that we had been working on. We have been taking and collecting photos for a Calendar that can be distributed to supporters of PPES. That was really enjoyable

In the rain with some Emma Horn (Kindergarten) students. In the rain with some Emma Horn (Kindergarten) students.

because it allowed us to travel to the schools in Anupshahr and spend large parts of the day taking photographs, and then then talking to the girls about their every day lives and stories so that we could include quotes on the pages of the calendar. I also worked on a…

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Brandon R | New Delhi, India | Week 5

2015 LSA International Internship Blog

Learning from the girls at PPES. Learning from the girls at PPES.

My fifth week in Delhi consisted of work with PPES and exploring more of Delhi. It was an especially good week at work, as we finished a few different projects and reports that we had been spending a lot of time on. I’m continuing to work on the social media, and now I’ll probably we spending some more time on different fundraising research and objectives. I also hope to be able to visit the schools a few more times before I leave in three weeks! I love going to the schools because, first of all, its fun to talk to the girls there. It’s also a nice way to see the fruits of the labor that is done by all of the office members at PPES. AND, this time I’m absolutely determined to see the Ganga (“Ganges” is a completely incorrect term for the famous…

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Delhi | Q9 | P4

Summer Vocation

Since high school I have wanted to live in big urban city. I’ve spent some time in huge cities around the world and have fallen in love with each of them. Now, after spending time in Delhi, I can say I’ve fallen in love here, too.

Khari Baoli, the largest spice market in the world. Photo: Khari Baoli, the largest spice market in the world. Photo:

As I mentioned in a previous post about culture shock, Delhi (and India, in general) is very overwhelming. That’s really become the thing that is so endearing about the city. It is such a multi-sensory experience (colors to smells to tastes to everything else) that it will be impossible to ever replicate. The sheer amount of monuments, shops, and museums could keep a person busy for a lifetime. Where else in the world can I start the day by taking the metro to the largest spice market in Asia?

And from there I can take a…

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