Solidifying Plans | Q10 | P5

Summer Vocation

My experience in India has certainly been an enlightening one. I’ve learned quite a bit about myself and about a culture very different than my own. I would say that it is (mostly) solidified my relatively near future plans. IMG_1468 My near future plans include finishing my degree and graduating in December. Throughout the fall I’ll be searching for a job that I can hopefully begin shortly after I graduate. I planned to search for a job in international development and this internship has confirmed that plan. I’ve really learned about the wonderful things that relatively focused, grassroots level, NGOs can do in a certain area. They (the NGO) not only knows the area, but also often has local leadership. These things are extremely important as it is usually very difficult to affect a change in an area without experience and knowledge of the area. IMG_9911Prior to this summer, I had this desire to…

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