Solidifying Plans | Q10 | P5

Summer Vocation

My experience in India has certainly been an enlightening one. I’ve learned quite a bit about myself and about a culture very different than my own. I would say that it is (mostly) solidified my relatively near future plans. IMG_1468 My near future plans include finishing my degree and graduating in December. Throughout the fall I’ll be searching for a job that I can hopefully begin shortly after I graduate. I planned to search for a job in international development and this internship has confirmed that plan. I’ve really learned about the wonderful things that relatively focused, grassroots level, NGOs can do in a certain area. They (the NGO) not only knows the area, but also often has local leadership. These things are extremely important as it is usually very difficult to affect a change in an area without experience and knowledge of the area. IMG_9911Prior to this summer, I had this desire to…

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One thought on “Solidifying Plans | Q10 | P5

  1. Brandon your last few posts have been wonderful. You seem to have really found something you’re passionate about, not to mention, you look so at ease in India! Going abroad gives people the kind of space needed to really think about what they want out of life. It’s not often that you feel that uncomfortable and vulnerable. It really forces you to take stock of what you’re good at (and what you’re not good at) what you’re passionate about and how you want to live your life. I’m so glad you’ve had this experience and I cannot wait to reconnect when you come back to U-M for your last semester!


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