About Me

Hey! My name is Brandon, I’m a student at the University of Michigan and I am double majoring in Mathematics and Economics. I’m also minoring in Philosophy, concentrating in ethics. In my opinion, the intersection of these three disciplines occurs most clearly in Developmental Economics. I’m kind of a nerd about these things (Advanced Solow Model & Game Theory & High Order Differential Equations & Predator-Prey Model Variations & Peter Singer, anyone?!) and I would really like to find a place in developmental economics to utilize one or more of these interests. I’m currently especially interested in Non-Governmental Organizations that promote the well-being of underprivileged people around the world, and that has led to me to New Delhi, India for the summer.

Outside of that, I’m an avid baseball fan (Go Tigers!) and enjoy reading, running, and drinking obscene amounts of coffee. Thanks for following along.


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