My Goals

I have a lot of goals this summer. Generally, I would like to…

  • develop tools for community development that can be translated to other developing communities around the world, with the understanding that every location is different and has different needs.
  • better understand Indian Culture by being fully immersed in it. I’d like to develop a better knowledge of their societal/cultural norms in order to understand their needs.
  • learn more about NGO’s and the way they operate on a daily basis. I hope to learn how to integrate my background in economics, mathematics, and philosophy into this type of environment.

More specifically, I would like to…

  • create a lasting bond with a local person- whether its my host family, another employee, or a random person I meet.
  • become a vegetarian while I’m there; Indian culture is heavily vegetarian for societal and religious reasons. If you know me, you’ll know this will be extremely difficult.
  • visit at least five museums in and around New Delhi (National Museum, Gandhi Smriti, National Gallery of Modern Art, National Museum of Natural History, etc.)
  • make a positive impact within the NGO and hopefully, subsequently, in the life of someone that lives in poverty in India.

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