My Work

On this page I’ll keep a running summary of the work that I am doing during my internship.

  • (Posted June 20th, 2015) At this point, I know that I will be working for a small Non-Governmental Organization in the Delhi area for two months, starting at the end of June. This particular organization promotes the well-being of girls in the rural areas surrounding New Delhi by providing them the tools to skillfully interact in the bustling textile trade of India. I don’t know know exactly what I’ll be doing due to the nature of the company and its ever-changing needs; however, I’ll likely be doing some combination of the following: managing social media accounts, creating marketing materials, and administrative work that would include research and working with clients who’d like to buy the girls’ products. I’m looking forward to learning more about the company and their work!
  • (Posted July 7th, 2015) The NGO that I’m working with is called Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES) and promotes girls well-being in Anupshahr, Uttar Pradesh (which is about 3 hours east of Delhi.) They aim to achieve development through education, health & hygiene, community development, and economic empowerment. It’s a really amazing organization that is doing work right on the ground in Uttar Pradesh. They own and operate four separate schools that educate over 1,300 girls, they have a full-time nurse at the school complex and sponsor doctor visits, they form Self Help Groups for women in the community to get together and financially support themselves, they promote better dairy practices to increase cattle yield for families, among many other things. I’m going to write a proper post about the company, but also check out their website at! I’m primarily working in the Delhi office where I’ve done many different things including: writing an annual summary, creating documents to track teacher/student progress, researching grants and foundations, writing preliminary applications for grants, and posting to Facebook and Instagram.
  • (Posted August 11th, 2015) I have been working in the office of Pardada Pardadi on mostly administrative tasks. The one constant has been posting to social media (Facebook and Instagram) daily, but other than that I’ve been doing many different things, usually related to fundraising or communications. I’ve written many reports and short summaries for different monthly or annual updates, researched grants, some grant writing (waiting to hear back from the companies/organizations!), taken photos and spoken with community members for input/quotes on a calendar to be distributed at the end of this year, worked on the design of that calendar, taken photos and recorded success stories to share on social media and local news organizations, created a crowdfunding campaign for an upcoming event (a half-marathon in support of our schools), among other things. I have also visited the school three times now (and hopefully at least once more!) where I have interacted with teachers, administrators, and students, taken many photos, conducted interviews, observed village conditions with a special attention to cattle, sat in during classes, assisted in English fluency classes, and played sports with the girls.

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